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Photos: Rolling Stone Metal Awards – Jaipur Pre-Gig

Undying Inc and Devoid brought the mosh to Jaipur last week, supported by prog death metal band Winter Gate and metal band Deathscent in the first build up gig to the RSMA finale, coming up in Mumbai this month

Rolling Stone India Mar 14, 2015
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Jaipur-based band Winter Gate's drummer Sudeep Saxena

Jaipur-based band Winter Gate’s drummer Sudeep Saxena Photo: Dhruv Immortal


The first Rolling Stone Metal awards 2015 pre-gig recently took place in Jaipur at the club District 9. The venue was completely packed and the audience was all ready to rage against the night. The gig started with Jaipur’s own Deathscent, who had the crowd charged up by the time progressive-death metal band Winter Gate, also from Jaipur, took to stage. Winter Gate delivered a heavy set with songs from their previously released EP DisIllumination. After Winter Gate, crowd favorites Delhi’s Undying Inc went up with Mumbai-based thrash/death metal band Devoid wrapping up the show. Devoid announced on stage, “We have never played after Undying Inc. at a gig as they are the ones who always close the gig/set. So it feels great to be the one doing that and it is an honor to play after them.”

Photos by Dhruv Immortal

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