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Photos: Zippo Encore Finale 2014

The debut edition of the international festival series saw electro acts such as Shaa’ir and Func, Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator and Madboy/Mink rock the house in Pune

Rolling Stone India Nov 01, 2014
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Shaa'ir + Func at Zippo Encore Finale 2014. Photo: Prashin Jagger

Shaa’ir + Func at Zippo Encore Finale 2014. Photo: Prashin Jagger

“I’m going to remember each one of your faces,” vocalist Monica Dogra says, as her electro pop group Shaa’ir and Func nears the end of their headline set as part of the Zippo Encore in Pune. The four-member band powered through to make the most of a low turnout, and led by Dogra’s energetic stage presence, no one was standing still. In addition to the reworked versions of songs like “My Roots” and “Every Time You’re Around,” Shaa’ir and Func included new music from their upcoming album, including “Wake Up.”

The Zippo Encore finale, which took place at the Vivanta by Taj Blue Diamond in Pune, also featured equally pumped up sets by electro-swing duo Madboy/Mink and electro rock act Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator. While Madboy/Mink made friends with the crowd, with vocalist-guitarist Imaad Shah querying about everything from lovers of soul music to drinking, Donn Bhat tided technical snags to come back strong with songs off his new album, Passenger Revelator, featuring vocalist Ashhar Farooqui aka Toymob from Delhi electronica act Teddy Boy Kill and drummer Ashwin Andrew.

In addition to busting out dance moves, the crowd at Zippo Encore were also busy designing their own lighters and hanging out with artists, with plenty of photo-ops with Madboy/Mink and Shaa’ir and Func, which later turned into an impromptu autograph-signing session.

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Photos: Prashin Jagger


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