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Pics: Avial Live at Blue Frog Delhi ”“ May 23rd, 2012

Alt rock band Avial return to Delhi, where they played their first-ever gig, and took over the stage

rsiwebadmin May 24, 2012
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Tony John,  Rex Vijayan and Mithun Puthanveetil from Avial

There was never a dull moment when alt rock band Avial took over Blue Frog’s stage in the Capital  on Wednesday night. Vocalist Tony John hit the right note at the beginning. He opened his set to a cheering audience when he said that playing in Delhi felt like coming home because Avial had performed its first-ever gig in Delhi years ago. This was their first-ever Blue Frog gig in the city as well. John overcame a few minor vocal glitches and brought incredible energy to his set along with bandmates Rex Vijayan on lead guitar, Mithun Puthanveetil on drums and the unflappable Benny Issac on bass. Guest vocalist Neha S Nair added a classical flavor to Avial’s folk rock act and by the end of the night, the audience couldn’t get enough of the band from Kerala.

 The evening’s setlist included
Aana Kallan                                                                                                                   
Chappa Kurishu
Ettam Pattu
Njan Aara
Aadu Pambe
Nada Nada
 Avial will perform at Blue Frog, Mumbai tonight, 9 pm onwards, Entry Rs 300
(Text and photos by Anurag Banerjee)

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