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PINKNOISE Releases “Bumble Bee” For Free Download

The Kolkata electro band’s album, ‘The Dance Of The Diaspora,’ is due later this year

Rolling Stone India Apr 08, 2013
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If you ever thought making appams were cool, Kolkata electro/jazz/chill band PINKNOISE [the “late night alter ego” of Kolkata rock band Skinny Alley] agrees with you. With their first single, “Bumble Bee,” vocalist Jayashree Singh’s sweet, sing-song Tamil and English voice tells the story of a sociable bumblebee who makes a wicked Kerala rice pancake. Who’s hungry?

The video for their first single, off their upcoming debut album, The Dance of the Diaspora, has the vocalist whispering Tamil lyrics off a notebook, while guitarist Amyt Dutta seeks a higher form of musical enlightenment and drummer Jivraj Singh taps his electronic drum pad for blips and beats. The video, which credits Jivraj for camera work, cut and color, is also probably the last one that bassist Gyan Singh, who passed away last year, featured in.

Listen to “Bumble Bee” here


Watch the video for “Bumble Bee” here

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