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The Playlist Special: Siddharth Basrur

The ace singer-songwriter and frontman for bands like Scribe and Last Remaining Light picks obscure indie, post-rock crescendoes and a QOTSA earworm as part of his playlist

Rolling Stone India Mar 17, 2016
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Siddarth Basrur. Photo by Sukrit Nagaraj.

Siddarth Basrur. Photo by Sukrit Nagaraj.

The Mumbai singer-songwriter’s playlist is a short guide to some of the most interersting sounds that came out in the past ten years. And he’s covered quite a territory, spanning indie rock (The Life and Times), instrumental (And So I Watch You From Afar) and acoustic (Seven Mary Three).

1. “Again” The Life and Times, 2014 

Discovered them about five years ago, because the frontman used to front another one of my favorite bands, Shiner. Love the energy.


2. “Bells and Whistles” Shiner, 2001 

This is a pretty moody song. Great for those introspective moments and is very inspirational for me.


3. “Wish You Were Here” Elder Brother, 2015 

This is actually from an EP, where all the songs are named ‘Wish You Were Here’. This one’s an original, but the other three are covers. Reminds me of my time spent in Nashville.


4. “M’aidez” Sneaker Pimps, 2002 

One of the most underrated bands, in my opinion. Just love the conviction with which he sings this song.


5. “Things I Stole” Seven Mary Three, 2008 

One of my favorite acoustic songs. This is a song I wish I’d written.


6. “Gallup, NM” The Shouting Matches, 2013 

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When I first heard this band, it was hard to believe that this was the same Justin Vernon from Bon Iver. Love the way this dog just flows. Great for those late night drives.


7. “Do It Again” Queens Of The Stone Age, 2002 

Listening to this song just makes me feel great. Works like a charm, every time.


8. “7 Billion People, All Alive At Once” And So I Watch You From Afar, 2011 

One of my favorite instrumental tracks. Love the way it starts of so delicately, and gets bigger as it progresses.

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