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Dream Pop Artist Polymancer Visits ‘Sunsets on Neverland (Stripped.)’ on New Single

The Gurugram producer-singer’s ambient track is dedicated to love, loss and compromise

Rolling Stone India Jun 29, 2021

Gurugram-based artist Polymancer. Photo: Garvit Narula

For his latest single “Sunsets on Neverland (Stripped.)” producer Polymancer aka Garvit Narula went on to create a “rooftop version” of the dream pop track as well, with the final studio version only set to release next year. “This, along with a few upcoming releases, is building towards a major shift in sound and production for 2022 for the second EP that I then plan to put out — a strong USP, a signature Poly sound,” he says. 

Released on June 25th, his seventh and most recent single is a comfort listen, with all the makings of a dream-pop hit — the intense atmospheric quality coupled with heavy production. 

Polymancer aims to whisk his dreamlike sound into the backdrop of a nebulous evening. Inspired by Japanese singer-songwriter Joji and Irish Indie artist EDEN, the singer-producer states that he wants to “create a sound that aims to make you feel as if you’re floating in an ocean of sound.” “Sunsets on Neverland (Stripped.)” is a tranquilizing number based on a guitar-led melody with Polymancer’s longing vocals.  

Originally titled ‘Thoughts in the Wind,’ the process of this song began in 2018, inspired by an unnamed artist whom Polymancer was infatuated with. He adds, “Love can sometimes be about compromise and understanding that you can’t go into it with expectations. If it has to work out, it will – in its own time.”

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Polymancer’s affair with music started as a seven-year-old, going on to study in Bengaluru and be a part of several bands. His debut EP Dream Catching, released on October 30th last year. 

Listen to “Sunsets on Neverland” below. Stream the song on more platforms here.