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Pop Artist Jillian Rossi Spreads Body Positivity in New Video For ‘So What’

‘I have definitely had my struggles with body image and anxiety,’ says the American singer

David Britto Dec 16, 2020

American pop artist Jillian Rossi. Photo: Claire Schmitt

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After releasing her 2019 single “txt me when u get here,” American pop artist Jillian Rossi graduated from Boston’s Berklee College of Music earlier this year. Since then, Rossi has involved herself in plenty of songwriting for other artists and even began working on her own material. She says, “This past year has been crazy with not only the global pandemic we have going on but also in music. Quarantine for me has actually been helpful in some ways.”

Last month, Rossi released her latest single, the anthemic “So What.” Written two years ago, as part of a songwriting assignment at Berklee, the artist was told to pick the title of an older song and make it her own. Along with co-writers and producers Tony Ni Evans and Geva Shinar, Rossi picked American singer P!nk’s 2008 smash hit “So What” as the title to work with. Rossi says, “We knew we had to make a song that was completely different from P!nk’s and that’s where it all began.”

During the writing sessions, Rossi, Evans and Shinar began talking about mental health struggles. The singer-songwriter immediately knew that they had to create a track on those lines and help folks who needed positivity in their lives. On a personal level, Rossi admits that the song is very close to her. She says, “I have definitely had my struggles with body image and anxiety.” The musician adds, “The song is essentially about someone who doesn’t believe they’re good enough with a person close to them telling them the opposite. I know people can listen to it and feel inspired and empowered because that’s what the song did for me.”

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The track’s accompanying music video celebrates body positivity. Rossi explains that as a teenager, she would only wear baggy clothes and was hated for how she looked. “Now that I’m an adult I want to be someone who stands up for people who are bullied in every way, shape and form and show people it’s cool and still healthy to be a bit curvy.” 

The singer-songwriter teamed up with influencers and body-positive supporters such as Brooklynne Webb, Sienna Mae Gomez and Amanda LaCount to feature in the clip. Also included in the visual is Ellie Zeiler from a non-profit anti-prejudice and bullying agency called TGAO (Together As One), mental health and suicide awareness campaigner Noor DaBash and 13-year-old social injustice speaker Aya Tanjali, among others. Rossi says, “I tell them all the time that if I grew up with people like them in the spotlight, I would probably feel much more confident about my body.”

Next, Rossi plans on releasing another single in early February while also collaborating with other artists too. The singer-songwriter also wants to keep using her voice for good. “I will also be continuing to spread positivity on my social media platforms.”

Watch the video for “So What” below:

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