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Premiere: Celestial Teapot’s Exhilarating New Single ‘Lumens’

The Pune instrumental rock band intersperse heavy and mellow on their six-and-a-half-minute release

Anurag Tagat Sep 28, 2017

Pune band Celestial Teapot. Photo: Fahama Sawant

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Last month, Pune band Celestial Teapot crafted a unique audio-visual set that would become a step forward for the band as well as a new dimension to explore.

Bassist Tushar Verma says the 3D visual set was also the right moment their unreleased song “Lumens” finally came together. He says, “Lumens is the unit to gauge the amount of light and thematically it’s a play on how life and light are changing constantly (which was a song on our last album One Big Sky). There is no particular theme but I think adulting and touring and seeing all the ups and downs since the past two years has culminated into this song and how it progresses.”

The song digs into a bright, heavy groove and settles into yearning, ominous guitar lines in the vein of post-metal bands such as ISIS, closing with a gradually slowed down, wistful clean portion.

The band released One Big Sky in December 2015 and it’s taken them across India, including lesser-played cities such as Nashik, Hampi and Bhubaneshwar. Verma says, “They were the best gigs for sure, because they haven’t heard something like this and they don’t have to know the songs to enjoy them, and most importantly they are hungry for new music.”

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With a few launch gigs in the works, Verma says they’re aiming to incorporate visuals as a staple at their gigs. “We are planning on elaborate audio-visual sets because that’s where we feel it all comes together and becomes a captivating experience. You can say our visual artist is as key to us as a vocalist is to another band.”

Listen to “Lumens” below.

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