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Premiere: Chennai Alternative Band P.A. System’s Journeying Debut EP ‘On Days Like This’

Formed in 2018 at the A.R. Rahman-backed K.M. Music Conservatory, the band have released three songs

Anurag Tagat Sep 04, 2020

Chennai alternative/indiepop band P.A. System. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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In the two years that Chennai alternative/indiepop band P.A. System have been together, they’ve already hit up important stages such as the Covelong Point Surf and Music festival, the Global Isai Fest and Phoenix Market City. Guitarist Hrday Sunil points out that some of those opportunities often came their way due to being students at the K.M. Music Conservatory.

He adds, “The institution has contributed to developing the independent music scene in Chennai by partnering up with different venues in the city to host concerts, and we’ve performed at several of these which has helped us with honing our craft and establishing our presence here.”

However, with all gig prospects now nil due to the coronavirus pandemic, the members headed back to their respective hometowns but began producing their debut three-track EP On Days Like This. Comprising previously written songs, the band — co-founders Pratyush Shankar (on vocals and songwriting) and Ashwin Iyer (producer and keys), Sunil, bassist Prashanth Venkat and drummer Arvind Krishnan — honed in on the sound and recorded remotely.

All three songs on the EP — “Save Me,” “She” and “Fair Weathered” — showcase influences of early Coldplay as well vocalist-guitarist extraordinaire John Mayer. Sunil says the aim was to capture the “sound and vibe” of their live shows, considering that’s what they’re missing the most right now. Thematically, P.A. System explores negativity and non-conformity and fairweather friends.

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Although separated by distance, P.A. System are keen to figure out virtual gigs and when they’re all back in the same room, completing a full-length album remains a priority, with a deadline set for the end of 2020. Sunil adds, “Though we miss performing on stage together, we believe that we can still put out our music and share it with the world in a way that stays true to the vibe of our live shows.”

Listen to ‘On Days Like This’ EP below. 

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