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Premiere: Colorblind’s Haunting New Album ‘Post Modern Holocaust’

The Pune-based composer and guitarist on how art and film influenced his cinematic record

Anurag Tagat Jun 15, 2019

New Delhi post-rock artist Kartik Mishra aka Colorblind. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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For many post-rock musicians looking out for that sprawling sound, a Telecaster guitar is the weapon of choice. Just ask Pune-based guitarist and composer Kartik Mishra aka Colorblind. He says he switched from a Roadstar guitar to a Telecaster “for some extra single coiled crunch” and experimented with new synthesizers.

The twang and spaciousness is evident on his new album Post Modern Holocaust. The eight-track record brings together Colorblind’s haunting, multilayered guitars over roomy beats and a couple of guests. Singer-songwriter and drummer Deepak Raghu aka The Earth Below brings his distinct vulnerable voice on “New Days” and Maryland post-rock artist Matt Howard aka Mindless Soul contributes on the closing track “Black Stains/Napalm Stains on the Ceiling.” Mishra adds the two connected through their common love for Canadian post-rock frontrunners Godspeed You! Black Emperor. “He shared some raw files with me and I absolutely loved the background drone that he used on them. So I took that drone, added some synth, drums and guitars over it, and sent it back. Then he added his guitar work, some more drones and bass to it, and slowly the seven-and-a-half minute-long track happened,” Mishra says.

As much as Colorblind’s music is informed by songwriters such as Nick Cave as well as Kraut rock band Faust, Mishra says he took his time with this release, which follows up 2018’s Non Physical Impediment. He calls it a “pretty comforting experience” and adds, “I believe you become more patient when you stop taking your art too seriously.”

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Listen to ‘Post Modern Holocaust’ below.

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