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Premiere: Hip-Hop Artists Dhanji, Zorba, Siyaahi Get Into Gear on ‘CamJones Mr. LUCKY 2000 2000’ Video

Two Ahmedabad artists and the New Delhi rapper bring forward a variety of flows on the song off the 2020 album ‘DZs Control’

Anurag Tagat Aug 13, 2021

New Delhi hip-hop artist Zorba, Ahmedabad's Siyaahi and Dhanji (from left). Photo: Roshan Mathew

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When New Delhi artist Zorba and Dhanji came together to shoot a music video with filmmaker Aditya Sharma found for a song off their 2020 album DZs Control, they found themselves with a bit of extra time in Ahmedabad.

Sharma says that after shooting the music video for “Bla Ka Ka Ka,” they had a half a day left together and spontaneously decided to capture their energy for “CamJones Mr LUCKY 2000 2000,” which features a lethal verse from Ahmedabad rapper Siyaahi. The director adds, “There was no location or concept in place. Dhanji, Zorba and Siyaahi did not get a chance to rehearse any of it. In fact it was such a spur-of-the-moment decision that we went to a friend’s studio where everyone was just hanging out and jamming and that’s where we effectuated ‘CamJones.’”

The title is a reference to a character from videogame series Grand Theft Auto, something that Dhanji came up with. Zorba says, “I had absolutely no idea what it meant until I googled it […] His role is to set bomb and safe pick in a bank heist mission.” While Zorba wrote and recorded a chopper flow (with a tracking assist from producer-rapper Dhruv Rajpal) within two hours, Siyaahi and Dhanji wrote their verses first for the track produced by American beatsmith Maxsh.

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Siyaahi recounts he and Dhanji would often hang out at a park near the latter’s house during the pandemic. “I wrote the verse a day before I was going to meet him at the park and he made me listen to the beat the next day. I had my verse written and it fit perfectly to the theme of the song,” Siyaahi adds.

With multiple projects in the pipeline for all the three artists involved – Dhanji is currently away in New York City – Zorba is readying a new album called Zombie for release in September via platform and label Junta Party.

Watch the video for “CamJones Mr. LUCKY 2000 2000” below.

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