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Premiere: Drummer Suyash Gabriel Ploughs Through No Honey’s ‘Courage’

The New Delhi-based artist talks about releasing playthrough videos for the several projects he’s been involved with, from multi-genre project Inalab to math rockers Kraken

Anurag Tagat Jul 11, 2019

New Delhi-based drummer Suyash Gabriel. Photo: Shrey Gupta

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For about a decade (give or take a few years), New Delhi-based drummer Suyash Gabriel has been the go-to guy amongst bands and artists. From rock bands like October and The Doppler Effect to hardcore band Grammy Winning Effort and electronica singer-producer Komorebi, nothing is out of bounds for Gabriel.

He says about his willingness to be up for playing different genres, “I love variety and I’m in love with so many different types of music and styles, so to be able to bring something new to the table is a genuine joy for me as a musician.” The drummer has already got down so many at this point – from rock band Kraken and dance band Mosko to instrumental rock band Zokova and alt band The Yellow Bucket – it’s hard to imagine what’s left. However, he says, “If I really think about it, I grew up listening to tons of reggae, calypso and Soca music. That would be super fun!”

For now, if you haven’t somehow seen Gabriel behind a drum kit yet, he’s releasing a series of playthrough videos. Multi-genre project Inalab’s electro-jazz jam “Commons” was the first one that released late last month, and now there’s alt/electronic trio No Honey’s “Courage,” off their debut EP Future Like. Formed by Gabriel, guitarist-producer Keshav Dhar and singer-songwriter Abhilasha Sinha, “Courage” builds on smooth vocal hooks, over intricate synth layers and even more precise drum fills from Gabriel. He says about the song, “I approached it in a way where I could make sure the power and danciness of the rhythm really popped out, but I also messed around a little bit with the meter of the song to give it a bit of an interesting twist and keep the ears perked.”

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Considering all members are based in different locations at the moment, more shows are yet to come together, but the drummer says new material is in the pipeline. In addition to four more playthrough videos planned for release, Gabriel is working with Komorebi and electronic producer Dualist Inquiry on their respective forthcoming material. He adds, “The Zokova album is almost out and Kraken is about to step into the studio. 2019, to put it rather mildly, has been awesome!”

Watch the playthrough video for “Courage” below. 

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