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Exclusive Premiere: L.A. Songwriter and Producer Ellis Miah Starts a Socially Distanced Party in ‘Lil Imagination’ Video

A writer for everyone from BTS to Jennifer Lopez to Miley Cyrus, the American artist collabs with producer The Jagg for their debut single

Anurag Tagat Sep 04, 2020

Los Angeles-based songwriter, remixer and producer Ellis Miah. Photo: Courtesy of DIY Public Relations

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Considering we’re about half a year into a global pandemic, the virtual realm quickly became the best viable place to party down with friends while socially distancing. Los Angeles singer, songwriter, producer and DJ Ellis Miah and his friends show us exactly why that can be as much fun in the music video for “Lil Imagination,” produced by Turin-based The Jagg aka Federico Digeronimo.

Miah’s inspiration for the video probably came from all the virtual parties he’s been joining over the last few months. He describes one of them and says, “I’ve been a part of a few themed cocktail FaceTime/Zoom parties that involved hats and costumes. There was a couple in attendance in Downtown Los Angeles that really went for it; it looked like they were really missing going to festivals. They had on a very tiny balcony set, a strobe light, kiddie pool, bubble machine, were dressed in what I’d call Coachella-wear and were partying to some great music.”

For “Lil Imagination,” however, he called on friends including actor Jared Harris (The Crown, Mad Men and most recently, receiving the Leading Actor BAFTA for his role in Chernobyl) and wife Allegra Riggio, fellow musician Maggie Szabo, London DJ and radio host London Haarlem and more. Shot on phones and edited by Jordan Moore, the video shows exactly how anyone can lift themselves out of ennui with creativity on their side.

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The party pop track is the latest from Miah, a seasoned songwriter who’s co-written and remixed for everyone from Korean stars BTS (“Inner Child,” from their record Map of the Soul: 7), Jennifer Lopez, RuPaul, Miley Cyrus and more. He says about those experiences with the heavy-hitters and chart-toppers, “Each experience is different and in every case I didn’t set out to write something for a specific artist or for the artist it eventually ended up with.” Miah’s writing sessions often include multiple songwriters in the room and he says he’s always in the moment and takes in “what the vibe of the track or room is” before putting forward ideas. “For me it’s never fun if one person seems to be dominating a session so I like to make sure I fall back at times to give others a chance to contribute. I also make sure that everyone knows I’m not married to my ideas to make others feel comfortable suggesting changes or shooting down my ideas. that’s how you get to the good stuff,” he says.

Up next, there’s a song with French artist Chebo called “Gud Gud,” whom he connected with via Instagram (similar to The Jagg) and more cowrites. He adds, “While most of my writing sessions have been virtual during COVID, I’ve recently started meeting up with some of my LA writing gang: pop/EDM artist Maggie Szabo, multi-platinum producer Stefan Lit and fellow BTS co-writer Adien Lewis.”

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Watch the video for “Lil Imagination” below. Stream here.

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