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Premiere: New Delhi Artist Handa’s Wholesome Music Video for ‘Guldasta’

The pianist and producer-vocalist teams up with singer Soumya Sofat for his latest song

Anurag Tagat Oct 01, 2021

New Delhi singer-producer and pianist Handa. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Drawing from his classical piano training as well as his proclivity towards lo-fi hip-hop and pop, New Delhi artist Ayush Handa (who uses his last name as an artist) plays with ideas of love and togetherness on his new single “Guldasta.”

The Hindi song is Handa’s third single this year, following experiments in darkness (“Mehfil”) and romantic hip-hop (“Tumhare Bina”). The artist says about “Guldasta” in a statement, “[I’m] taking inspiration from the stellar music of the Eighties and adding modern and experimental sounds. ‘Guldasta’ is a fun song, based on a couple deciding clothes for a wedding.” The song features Handa on vocals as well as singer Soumya Sofat in a cheery duet.

The music video for “Guldasta” – created by production house अबnormal Design Studio – addresses a parallel theme of “spending time with ourselves,” which increased during the pandemic. Featuring actors Sanyaa Mehrotra and Ravia Ohri, “Guldasta” shows two self-assured, carefree people at home, goofing off as they let their cameras run through the course of their day. Handa adds, “Using the chikankari saree reference from the song, as the object binding the clips together; the characters are seen spending time with themselves. Almost, like nobody’s watching; except this time, there is.”

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Watch the video for “Guldasta” below.

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