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Premiere: Hear Blushing Satellite’s Hypnotic New Album ‘The Union’

The Bengaluru alternative act stay experimental and eccentric with new vocalist Mahesh Raghunandan, guest vocalist Alexis and more

Anurag Tagat Aug 25, 2017

'The Union' artwork by Pia Meenakshi/Gumani

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When musicians talk about “good vibes,” no one usually means cymatics. Except for Ramanan Chandramouli, the songwriter and guitarist at Bengaluru alternative act Blushing Satellite. He told us in an earlier interview about making sound at its most effective.

“Multiple cells are vibrating at different frequencies and the ones that vibrate at the same frequency are coming together to form an organ. So whenever you fall sick, it’s like something is out of tune. Ultimately, that’s why music also means so much to me. It’s almost like an organ,” the guitarist says.

Introspection, self-belief and love””Blushing Satellite’s nine-track full-length album The Union aims for a spiritual sound with a palette that adds touches of psychedelic, R&B, jazz, rock, trip-hop and ambient, led by vocalist Mahesh Raghunandan’s soaring range, drummer Deepak Raghu and bassist Arjun Ramdas. The centrepiece that is “Dream ”“ Nightmare ”“ Union” spans nearly 15 minutes, as the band goes from a lightheaded mood to a noisy apocalypse and then dives back into a calming reassurance.

With a launch gig set for September 24th in Bengaluru (their first club show in about two years), Blushing Satellite don’t intend on selling The Union in CD form. Ramanan says he liked the idea of a CD, but more so the booklet that let listeners pore over the artwork and read lyrics. He adds, “We are in the process of making adult coloring books which will have a pictorial representation of the concepts behind the songs. These books tend to provide a meditative experience. I wish to provide some sense of catharsis and healing through my music. The listener can aurally and visually get into the music and interact with it. Sheena Deviah from Ragamuffin Illustration is designing the book.”

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Stream the album below and buy it here.

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