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Premiere: Hear Rainburn Reflect on Happiness on New Single ‘Within’

The Bengaluru prog band’s debut album ‘Insignify’ is out now

Anurag Tagat Dec 05, 2018

Artwork for Rainburn's new album 'Insignify'. Art: Aaron Pinto/Art of Kidsquidy

For all the dark, brooding and even suicidal thoughts that take centerstage on Bengaluru prog band Rainburn’s recently released debut album Insignify, it’s important to note that there’s a transformation at the end of the sonic journey.

Their penultimate track “Within” returns to the bright prog territory of their opening songs “Elusive Light” and “Merchant of Dreams.” Frontman Vats Iyengar is philosophical throughout and “Within” is an ode to German author Herman Hesse’s influential self-discovery book Siddhartha. Iyengar adds, “The second verse is a pretty faithful rewrite of the seminal moment in the book when the ferryman and Siddhartha talk about the river, and about time and timelessness.”

To set the atmosphere just right, there’s flowing ambient passages, sublime guitar work and an overall “happy-sounding” vibe, something that Iyengar tells us he’s not used to creating as a songwriter. However, he adds, “This is a more reflective, wiser kind of happiness. Or perhaps the appropriate word is peace.” Featuring additional vocals from Bengaluru-based singer and podcast host Vidyaa Prakash, the track is a pivotal change in Insignify, which follows a musician’s existential angst and their path to finding purpose and peace.

In an earlier interview, Iyengar said about the songwriting process, “I wanted it to happen in an organic way, especially the last parts ”“ ”˜Within and ”˜School of Atlantis’ ”“ where the protagonist has reached some semblance of inner peace. I didn’t want to fake that. I had to go through that journey and it took time.”

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Hear ”˜Insignify’ in its entirety below.