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Premiere: Hyderabad Songstress Peekay’s Dreamy New Track ‘Dunno’

Singer-songwriter Pranati Khanna, part of indie rock band Spell Check, sings about post-divorce life on her second solo release

Anurag Tagat Jul 31, 2020

Hyderabad-based singer-songwriter Peekay aka Pranati Khanna. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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After a few years of writing with and fronting Hyderabad indie rock band Spell Check (previously known as the Ragamuffins), vocalist, visual artist and songwriter Pranati Khanna also wanted to branch out as a solo act. “I grew quieter, calmer, happier […] and wanted to put out music that was more pop/R&B. So, as opposed to sitting down in a jam room and writing songs as a band, this is a more solitary process.” she says.

Under the moniker Peekay, she released her first song “Good, Old Fashioned in Love” earlier this year, featuring Hyderabad rapper Aishan Vali. Her latest track “Dunno” lyrically continues a sense of levelheadedness when it comes to past relationships. In this specific case, Khanna calls it a “narrative on post-divorce life.”

Over dreamy, sprawling production and a soulful guitar solo from producer Jonathan Edward (also the guitarist in Spell Check), Khanna intonates in an almost reggae-like style about feelings. “The song is lyrically humorous yet with a sexy tune and is my truth and everybody else’s who have yet to find their way,” she says.

The accompanying music videos shows Khanna singing her blues with a drink in hand, albeit in her bathroom, while there’s a dance interpretation performed by Mozambique-based actor-dancer Alcy Caluamba. Khanna says there’s more material on the way as well. “I plan on releasing one more song by the end of 2020 and I’m praying the world is better in 2021 so I can get back on stage,” she adds.

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Watch the video for “Dunno” below. Stream on more platforms here.


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