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Premiere: American Singer-Songwriter Jake Scott Roams Hawaii for Openhearted ‘Meet My Shadow’ Video

The Los Angeles-based artist, who’s worked with Jason Mraz, will release ‘Goldenboy EP on June 25th

Anurag Tagat May 21, 2021

American singer-songwriter and producer Jake Scott. Photo: Brenton Giesey/Secret Signals

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On the back of nearly a decade of making music, singer and songwriter Jake Scott has seen success right from his 2013 record Of Life and Love and Longing. Since then, the Arkansas native moved up to Los Angeles in 2014 and soon made big strides with every release, plus songwriting sessions for artists such as Jason Mraz, Carrie Underwood and Aloe Blacc.

Between January 2018 and 2020 – right until before the pandemic was bearing its full effect – Scott was releasing a single every month to enormous streaming success, including songs like “Tuesdays” in 2018, “Favorite T-Shirt” (part of his 2019 album Year of the Sunflower) and “Like No One Does” in 2020. Scott says over email that the release plan helped him build an audience and improve his songwriting and production skills. He adds, “It helped me find my ‘sweet spot’ in music and I’m so glad I chose to do it that way. But by the end of the third year, I felt myself craving the ability to tell a longer story than just one song at a time.”

He’s now prepping to release an eight-track record Goldenboy on June 25th and the latest from the EP is a cheery and sincere electronic/pop cut called “Meet My Shadow.” In the lyrics, Scott navigates being upfront with a significant other about “parts of yourself you’d rather hide.” The summery song also gets an appropriate music video, in which Scott is seen on a beach in Hawaii, walking and also washed up on the shore as the waves travel near him. “Rachel (my wife) and I were at a wedding on Maui and decided to stay a few extra days and shot the video while we were there because… it’s Hawaii, why not shoot a video in paradise!” Scott says.

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Goldenboy is termed by the artist as an introspective record, drawing from a year spent in lockdown which led Scott to take a long, hard look at himself. “I started seeing patterns in my life that were holding back from the people closest to me and ultimately keeping me stuck. There was a part of my personality that got really good at being whatever I needed to be in order to win the acceptance of whatever group I was in at the time, but never really let anyone in. I nicknamed that part of myself the ‘Goldenboy.’ This whole EP is about becoming aware of, coming to terms with, and eventually letting go of the Goldenboy. A story told in eight songs,” he adds.

The coming months in 2021 will also include studio time to make another EP that’s slated to release later this year. Scott adds, “And then we’re having our first child in August! So I’ll be getting ready to meet my daughter!”

Watch the video for “Meet My Shadow” below. Stream the song here.

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