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Premiere: Kolkata/Pune Duo whiteParc Craft Escapist Indie/Electronic on ‘Distancing’ EP

Guitarist-producers Amartya Ghosh and Mikhail Khan arrive at a sound they describe as “The Strokes meets Disclosure meets Two
Door Cinema Club meets Jamie xx”

Anurag Tagat Nov 13, 2020

Kolkata indie/electronic duo whiteParc's Amartya Ghosh and Mikhail Khan (from left). Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Starting out with indie rock band Candy Cloud Conspiracy in Kolkata in 2013 and subsequently floating another act called Ocean Avenue in Pune in 2015, if there’s one thing that guitarist-producer Amartya Ghosh has kept constant, it’s his composition called “Conspiracy.” With indie/electronic act whiteParc, his latest project featuring Ocean Avenue bandmate Mikhail Khan on guitars, the track returns in a new avatar on their debut EP Distancing

Bringing together vibrant, transporting electronic hues punctuated by clever guitar phrasing, “Conspiracy” sits alongside slick tracks such as “Tell Me” and “Worry.” Khan says, “This EP was in a number of ways us experimenting with different types of sounds, tones, and textures; trying to find that perfect balance between electronic and organic. Not to mention reconciling our wildly different tastes in music.”

Khan and Ghosh got back to making music during the lockdown, creating whiteParc in May this year. Ghosh says there’s plenty more unfinished tracks and ideas that he and Khan are going over for the next EP. “We’re unpacking and dissecting them and adding elements from different genres like house, R&B, synthwave, and indie rock to them,” Ghosh says. 

By their own admission, whiteParc were “inspired” by the lockdown to make music and hope that the EP pays it forward. “This one goes out to everyone still trying to create and discover and improvise even when it seems like everything is falling apart in the real world,” the band says in a statement.

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Stream ‘Distancing’ EP below. Hear on more platforms here

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