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Premiere: Mumbai Rock Band The Sleeping Satellite’s Emphatic Debut ‘Udd Chala’

The song is part of their debut EP ‘Manzil,’ which is being released track by track

Anurag Tagat Jun 04, 2020

Mumbai-based rock band The Sleeping Satellite. Photo: Kishore Lath

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Formed in 2018, Mumbai alternative rock band The Sleeping Satellite aim to make a sonorous first impression with their debut single “Udd Chala.” The Hindi track shows off the quartet’s shimmering, arena-rock ready sound that recalls the likes of The Local Train.

The Sleeping Satellite comprises guitarist Raja Pradhan (from rap-rockers Chabuk), drummer Reeshav Gohrain (from metal band Sarfaad and experimental/prog trio Sei Hek), bassist Mondip Kalita (also from Sei Hek) and vocalist-producer Albert Dyrile Lakra. There’s a range of influences coming together on “Udd Chala” as well as their upcoming five-track debut EP Manzil. The band says the plan is to release each song on a monthly basis or thereabouts. “Since all of the songs have their unique styles, we aim to grab as much attention as possible for each one of them,” Pradhan says.

According to the band, “Udd Chala” took shape “on a rainy evening when Mondip was strumming away on the guitar,” which led to Lakra conjuring the exuberant chorus melody. “The rest flowed like poetry and the song was composed that very night,” the band says.

The band has been recording material since late 2018 and snippets uploaded online indicate the rest of Manzil puts forward sprawling, guitar-led and prog-informed rock that also quietens down.

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Listen to “Udd Chala” below. Pre-add the song before its release on June 5th.

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