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Premiere: Peekay and Andrea Tariang Sing and Dance for Self-Acceptance in ‘Sunshine On The Street’ Video

The Hyderabad and Shillong-based artists worked remotely on the pop song that exudes feel-good, inclusive vibes

Anurag Tagat Feb 11, 2022

Peekay and Andrea Tariang in the cover artwork for their new song "Sunshine On The Street."

On the LGBTQIA+ centric new song “Sunshine On The Street,” Hyderabad-based pop artist Peekay and Shillong-based actor-musician Andrea Tariang sing cheerfully and endearingly about being okay with oneself. Tariang gets straight to the point in her opening lines, “I may not be for everyone, but I’m more than enough for me.”

Peekay aka Pranati Khanna says that “Sunshine On The Street” began with Tariang penning lyrics and sharing it. The duo then co-wrote the rest of the lyrics and paired it with a guitar melody Peekay had. Hyderabad artist adds, “[The words] were a very honest and humble testament to the truth our generation lives with, which is ‘we don’t know where we truly fit in and we go through awkward phases in life but at the end of the day all we can do is love and be loved.’”

Produced by her go-to collaborator Jonathan Edward, the song is accompanied by a vibrant, aesthetic-setting music video helmed by Peekay. Like their recording process, the artists also shot footage from their respective cities, showcasing inclusivity and togetherness across the spectrum of sexualities and gender. Peekay collaborated with Hyderabad-based gender-fluid fashion label Kothacheru for the outfits seen in parts of the video. The art and graphic designer side of Peekay also blooms throughout the video, produced by Couch Potato Production.

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Watch the video for “Sunshine In the Street” below. Stream the song here.


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