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Premiere: Primitiv’s Smoldering New Song ‘Squishy and Spongy’

The Mumbai stone age metallers have released a live version of their upcoming single, which takes its name from fungal disease in the band’s dystopian timeline

Anurag Tagat Jan 15, 2019

Primitiv in a still from their live video performance of "Squishy and Spongy."

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Don’t let the name fool you, Mumbai metal band Primitiv’s latest track “Squishy and Spongy” is actually about a deathly sickness that’s caused by a fungus. “This disease is all set to wipe out the human race,” vocalist Nitin Rajan says.

Their first release since early 2018’s “Demon of Science,” Primitiv have chosen to release a live video performance of the song rather than the studio single. Rajan says, “We have a studio version of this song ready but we wanted [it] to be out for the first time owing to the intense response we have received. We wanted to capture that intensity in a raw unadulterated and unedited audio form in the live visuals.”

Recorded last October at Mumbai venue Above the Habitat (as part of gig series United We Groove), “Squishy and Spongy” channels a familiar molten energy of the band, Pushkar Joshi’s booming drum work topped off by stomping riffs in varied pace and ripping solos from both Kiron Kumar and Rajarshi Bhattacharyya.

While the song was primarily written by Kumar, the only person getting the least amount of screen time in the video for “Squishy and Spongy” is lyric writer and bassist Riju Dasgupta. He says jokingly, “I think it’s because I’m the only person who’s not gone on a diet plan like the rest of the band. Nitin will claim otherwise but I’m sure that is the case.”

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