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Premiere: Pune Band Crack Chicken’s Fun Loving Jam ‘Kit Katt’

Comprising members from indie act Easy Wanderlings, the band are working on their debut EP

Anurag Tagat Aug 14, 2020

Artwork for Pune band Crack Chicken's new song 'Kit Katt.' Art: Rae Zachariah

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One night in 2017 during a post-festival hang at home, guitarist Sharad Rao and drummer Abraham Zachariah settled on a couch to find out it had good rhythm. Rao says, “I had this old secondhand sofa with a hollow base, and if you sat on it you could use your heel to get one hell of a bass sound.”

Rao played a riff and their friends (“none of whom were musicians,” as the guitarist notes) began rapping and singing. That was the inception of their 2017 song “Kit Katt,” the debut single that’s out now. Crack Chicken, completed by vocalist Pratika Gopinath, bassist Rohit Malladi and keyboardist Zion Mathew, recorded the song in 2019 at Pune’s Gray Spark Audio.

Crack Chicken

Members of Pune band Crack Chicken. Photos: Courtesy of the artist, Madhurjya Saikia (Gopinath)

By then, the band was already playing in the Pune and Mumbai circuit for a year, while Gopinath, Zachariah and Rao were already part of alternative/indie act Easy Wanderlings. Recorded two years after it was written and now being released a few months later, “Kit Katt” starts off in true blues style with a car engine revving up, some delectable guitar licks and a swing rhythm that’s likely to get feet tapping.

With this release out of the way, Crack Chicken have songs they’ve written in the past year and a half that they want to compile into an EP. Rao adds, “But that’s been delayed considering the pandemic, all of us have gone back to our home towns and jamming isn’t an option obviously. That being said we should begin recording by the end of the year one way or another.”

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Stream “Kit Katt” below and on more platforms here.

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