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Premiere: R.A.I.D.’s Hardcore Bruiser ‘Unbreakable’

The Hyderabad band are plotting their next record with American label Rottweiler Records

Anurag Tagat Mar 15, 2019

Hyderabad hardcore/crossover thrash metal band R.A.I.D. Photo: Courtesy of Proximity Music Management

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As much as hardcore and thrash metal feeds off of aggression and challenging societal norms (among countless other things), it can have a positive influence as well. Hyderabad outfit R.A.I.D. know this all too well.

In addition to their faith-inspired themes, the band brings together relentless double-bass drumming and the occasional breakdown. Following their debut album The Strong Survive (2018), the hardcore/crossover thrash band has released a new song called “Unbreakable.” Frontman Rueban Issac says about the track, “[It’s] about breaking free from the norms and pressures created by society/the people around us. A lot of poisonous trends have been created that affect a good way of life. To overcome these hurdles, the only way out is to have an unbreakable state of mind. We are the captain of our fate, the master of our soul, the boss of our dreams and the king of our goals. It is up to us to negate the poison around us and create our own legacy.”

Released via American label Rottweiler Records (who also worked with Bengaluru metallers Final Surrender), the song is part of a digital 45 which will include one more track, building up to their second album, which will be announced shortly.

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