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Premiere: Shashaa Tirupati’s Eccentric New Pop Song ‘Leprechaun Love’

The Mumbai-based artist also shot and edited video footage on her own for her latest track

Anurag Tagat May 28, 2020

Indo-Canadian singer-songwriter and producer Shashaa Tirupati. Photo: Jerin James

Like with all her songs, Indo-Canadian singer-songwriter Shashaa Tirupati places an unshakeable pop hook at the center of her new track “Leprechaun Love,” but presents it in a way you may not have heard before.

Taking a cue from the old lore of leprechauns, rainbows and the pot of gold, the singer and producer Marc D Muse weave in and out of chasmic bass lines and sparse beats to appreciate the little things in life. Tirupati says the collaboration took place in Mumbai and there were guiding briefs of “breaks and dynamics” that the singer (a producer in her own right) had envisioned and from thereon Marc took on the production. “Leprechaun Love” flows unconventionally in some senses (take her approach to how she draws out vocal melodies) and Tirupati links it to the “unpredictability of my mind and my life’s decisions in general.” She adds with a laugh, “It’s not conscious or intentional. It gives me a thrill. Rather, I often find myself trying to hone and control it.”

The DIY music video shot in and around the singer’s Surrey home in British Columbia also offers a glimpse of experimental filters, superimposed layers and more, all edited by Tirupati. She says about the video, “My sister was sweet to help over an evening, post her work hours though. You’ll see there’s a pertinent story and flow in the commotion.” Through a hole in the fence that invites viewers in and out of the song, the singer also creates visual cues with a dandelion, grass and nature around her. As much as she admits it’s wishful thinking to get people to “create happiness to get you by,” it could explain why humans are imaginative beings even when “there’s a lot of grief in the world.” She adds,  “I speak of how important it is to ‘feel’ and nurture every emotion, as temporary as each [one] is.”

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Watch the video for “Leprechaun Love” below.