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Premiere: Swedish House Mafia Drop Synths on ‘Don’t You Worry Child’

Acoustic version featuring highlights emotion of song

Rolling Stone Sep 11, 2012
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Maybe you wouldn’t expect to see the words “acoustic version” attached to a Swedish House Mafia tune, but now you can check out this synth-less version of their track with John Martin, “Don’t You Worry Child.” Martin’s vocals soar over the acoustic guitar strums and piano keystrokes, but without bass or prominent rhythms, Swedish House Mafia show their songwriting strengths translate to more than just massive raves.

“This was important for us,” said Swedish House Mafia’s Axwell. “A stripped-down version of the song that captures the essence of the message. The song hit us in the heart the first time we heard it acoustically in L.A. when John played it to us and we wanted to keep the song completely intact and produce it from where it began. It’s the most emotional song we’ve done and this version really highlights it. There are a lot of cover versions popping up online where we see people have really felt the emotions. And that’s been amazing to watch.”



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