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Premiere: Diphu-Origin Artist TheangMadhatter Conjures Dreamy Electronic Pop with ‘Post Anthropomorphic Love’

The frontman for rock/metal bands Trancemigrate, Dreamscapade and Kum Chirui is currently based out of Oslo

Anurag Tagat Dec 06, 2021

TheangMadhatter aka Theang Teron.

As if it isn’t apparent by the title, Oslo-based, Karbi Anglong-origin vocalist-producer and multi-instrumentalist Theang Teron aka TheangMadhatter jokingly asks whether his song “Post Anthropomorphic Love” is, in fact, evident as a love song. “It is written for my girlfriend,” Teron says with a laugh.

Part of metal bands like Trancemigrate and Dreamscapade, plus rock act Kum Chirui, TheangMadhatter is the artist’s outlet for all things electronic, trip-hop and experimental. He lists out everyone from Radiohead to Tomahawk and its frontman Mike Patton’s projects as major inspirations, alongside the likes of electro-jazz project Jojo Mayer & NERVE, alternative act White Moth Black Butterfly and Tigran Hamasyan.

Led by an instrumental, tranquil guitar intro for about a minute and a half, “Post Anthropomorphic Love” dips into skittering beats and Teron’s hushed vocal melodies. The artist says he wrote the song during the pandemic last year, while coming to terms with “isolation, paranoia and social distancing.” He picked up on philosopher Michel Foucault’s concept of heterotopia to change his perceptions. “Madhatter is a character, an alter ego of sorts, within a universe that I created with my other bandmates and projects,” Teron adds.

Teaming up with visual artist Asimbom Phangchopi, the animated video for “Post Anthropomorphic Love” reflects Teron’s trippy music, showing two characters who share a deep connection. Teron says, “Most of the time while making song videos I let my visual artist make up their own plots to fit my narrative which opens up a dynamic space for dialog.”

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The song is part of an upcoming TheangMadhatter EP called Dark Astral Wildlife, slated for release in 2022. These songs have emerged from a “minimum of hundred songs” created by Teron since 2019. “I developed a pattern of a ‘one-time sit through’ process of writing songs. So on a weekly basis, I would work on fresh and spontaneous ideas for about five to six hours of uninterrupted musing and creation,” he says. Additionally, there’s also music coming up from Trancemigrate, Dreamscapade and Kum Chirui.

Watch the video for “Post Anthropomorphic Love” below.


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