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Premiere: U.K. Metal Veterans Onslaught’s Grisly New Song ‘A Perfect Day To Die’

The first single from their upcoming seventh album is a tribute to Motorhead

Anurag Tagat Mar 08, 2019

U.K. thrash metallers Onslaught. Photo: Courtesy of Proximity Music Management

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When you’ve been a thrash metal band in the Eighties, chances are you’ve had your dealings with legends of heavy music like Motorhead. U.K. thrash metallers Onslaught’s guitarist Nige Rockett recounts their 1986 tour with the “Ace of Spades” hitmakers, calling it “one of the major highlights in our career.”

Onslaught, who had released their second album The Force in 1986, were joining Motorhead through Europe. Rockett says over email, “I recall when we were sat in a hotel bar in Copenhagen at 4 am with Philthy, Wurzel and Phil. We saw the elevator coming down, the doors opened and out came Lemmy in his pyjamas and dressing gown (not so rock & roll) [and] we all fell about laughing because it’s not the way you ever expect to see Lem. He turned round and said ”˜Fuck off you cunts’ got back in the lift and went back to bed! It was never mentioned again!”

Their latest song “A Perfect Day To Die” is a sort of salute to the dearly departed members of Motorhead, including Lemmy, drummer Phil Taylor aka Philthy and guitarist Eddie Clarke aka Fast. It opens with a frenzied, fuzzy bassline much like anything Lemmy would conjure and launches into an all-out sinister and searing thrash attack.

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Taken off their upcoming seventh album, which will release on AFM Records this year, Onslaught first found acclaim in the Eighties and ultimately called time in the Nineties. They regrouped in 2004, producing three albums since and even having touring partners such as Mumbai extreme metallers Demonic Resurrection in 2014. Rockett adds about the upcoming album, “Right now we’re currently working flat out to finish the remainder of the writing for the next record, things are sounding so cool, fresh and very brutal.”

Watch the video for “A Perfect Way To Die” below.

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