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Premiere: Watch Kavya and Producer Sublime Sound Perform New Single ‘Colour’ Live

New Delhi artist Anhad Khanna also teams up with the singer-songwriter for an EP called ‘Know Me Better’

Anurag Tagat Mar 21, 2021

Singer-producer Kavya and producer Sublime Sound aka Anhad Tanner. Photo: Arsh Grewal

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Although producer Anhad Khanna aka Sublime Sound’s new single “Colour” with singer-songwriter Kavya Trehan is a moody yet club-friendly listen that ties together bits of house, jungle and more, it actually had its origin with a single instrument; the piano.

Following the single’s release last week via 4NCY aka Foreign Currency, there’s now a live performance of “Colour” premiering below, in which you can sense piano being a major tool for the producer. Khanna says about performing the track, “The freedom of being able to construct and deconstruct your music for different settings is an extremely fulfilling feeling and for this specific tune, the deconstruction felt like something pertinent to capture and that’s why the broken, but not so broken down live version happened.”

While Khanna has previously been part of rock bands in New Delhi and electronic duo Anhad + Tanner, Trehan is co-founder of dance-rock act MOSKO. Coming from this “traditional performance based musical background” helped aid the decision to release a live version of “Colour,” which was shot by Rohit Jayal aka Doofpix at Global Music Institute in Delhi NCR. Trehan adds, “Personally, singing anything live brings about a new perspective. It was important to do a separate rendition of ‘Colour’ because both Anhad and I enjoy seeing how far we can push a new interpretation.”

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The warm, spirited video shows both artists in sync, with clever improvisations in parts of the track. The association between Sublime Sound and Kavya continues, with Khanna producing her upcoming debut EP Know Me Better. Trehan adds, “There’ll be visualizers accompanying a few tracks. I’m extremely lucky to have Sanchit Sawari and Khyati Trehan as creative heads on this. I am finally getting to experiment more in the audio-visual space.”

Khanna, for his part, is working with his bandmate on Anhad + Tanner demos, plus focusing on “dancefloor oriented but still very much left field” music with Sublime Sound. He adds about Anhad + Tanner material, “We’re starting to record our bits and get a new set of releases together with a string of some new and exciting collaborations in the works that end. We’re also currently producing a few tunes for some specific pop projects scheduled to be released this year.”

Watch the video for “Colour (Live)” below. Stream the song here.

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