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Exclusive Premiere: Xenon Phoenix and Buki’s Raging New Single ‘Dead Palace’

The Pune-based rapper enlists trap producer Harshit Richhariya for a banger of a track

Anurag Tagat Nov 14, 2017

Pune-based rapper Xenon Phoenix (left) and producer Buki. Photo: Riya Bhaskarwar

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On his new single “Dead Palace,” Pune-based, Siliguri-bred rapper Xenon Phoenix a.k.a. Subham Ghosh turns to trap and works up a storm as he raps about getting stuck in post-apocalyptic times.

The rapper, who had previously released his widely popular “Twisted Turns” with Polish producer Forxst, met Pune-based producer Buki a.k.a. Harshit Richhariya (also part of electronic group Omniphat) in college and bonded on their mutual love for trap and dance music. Xenon says, “He wanted a rapper for this track, and that’s where the whole thing came up.”

Recorded a year ago, the single””which is co-produced by Mumbai-based Yash Srivastav a.k.a. Burj””was in the works with a music video that’s entirely shot on a camera phone and transformed with VHS-quality filters by Siliguri-based filmmakers Insomniac Pix. What originally turned out to be a “typical” production was retouched with Santoor-esque samples, what Buki refers to as “catchy cultural trap feels.”

The track is released by Dutch label SYGYE, with more music from Xenon Phoenix on the way.

Watch the video for “Dead Palace” 

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