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Preview: Bomb Thursdays

Three Mumbai acts will perform at the third edition of the fortnightly music series

Rolling Stone India Apr 10, 2013
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BLEK. Photo: Siddharth Dugha


Sound: Power pop, pop-grunge, punk rock and dance punk ”“ a description of BLEK’s sound can never be limited to one genre. Rishi Bradoo, vocalist and guitarist says, “It’s restricting to be labeled with a genre. I don’t have a clue what ”˜post-punk’ is. We prefer if our music is left open to people’s interpretation. Call it what you want. However, most of our songs have a very signature sound.”

Big Gig: Is coming up as the band readies to play at The Great Escape festival in Brighton in May. Says Bradoo, “It’s a great place to go to and check out where we stand among bands on an international level.”

At Bomb Thursdays: “We will play a couple of new songs from our upcoming EP. Kino is a fun space to work in. Gigs there are like a house party,” says Bradoo.

In The Works: BLEK’s new EP will feature 4-5 tracks. “We have started tracking and are planning on a May release,” adds Bradoo.

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Raxit Tewari

Your Chin. Photo: Monisha Ajgaonkar

Who: Your Chin

Sound: Sky Rabbit vocalist Raxit Tewari’s electro pop solo project is known for its minimalist sound.

Big Gig: Opening for Gotye’s debut concert in India this February. 

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At Bomb Thursdays: “I’ll be playing a half-hour set with a couple of controllers and a laptop. There’ve been some new sketchy songs that I’ve written since the EP (untitled) released. I’ll be playing a few of these along with songs from the EP. I don’t think I’ve played a whole bunch of these tunes before.”

In the Works: Another EP. “At some point this year, hopefully,” says Tewari referring to its release date, “For now there’s no concrete title. I guess it’ll start to raise its head when most tracks for the EP get finished.”

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Bone Broke: Photo: Vandana Rajan Swamy

Bone Broke: Photo: Vandana Rajan Swamy

Who: Bone Broke

Sound: Mumbai-based Dinkar Dwivedi set up his solo garage rock project, Bone Broke, a name inspired by the White Stripes 2007 track, earlier this year. “The name also reflects my financial state most of the time,” he adds.

Big Gig:  Bomb Thursdays will mark Bone Broke’s stage debut. At Kino 108, Dwivedi will be accompanied by Rohit ”˜P-Man’ Pereira on bass and Karan Gupta on drums.

At Bomb Thursdays: Bone Broke will play a 30-minute set comprising six original songs that are similar to the fuzzy, garage rock feel of his first single released online, but are “more pacey and dancey”. The band will also play covers such as “Salute Your Solution” by The Raconteurs and “Wolf Like Me” by TV On The Radio.

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In the Works: Guitarist Dwivedi, who is also part of P-Man’s electronica project Vice Versa, is working on recording more songs. He plans to release an EP this year.

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Your Chin, Blek and Bone Broke will perform as part of Bomb Thursdays at Kino 108, Andheri. For details, click here. Entry Rs 200 

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