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Preview: The Supersonics Multi City Tour Kicks Off

The recently reunited Kolkata band will play Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru and Mumbai

rsiwebadmin Aug 08, 2012
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“Old, new and unexpected” is how The Supersonics frontman Ananda Sen describes the Supersonics NH7 Roadkill tour that begins in Delhi on August 8th. “We are like roaring beasts waiting to be let out of cages,” Sen adds.

The Kolkata band hope to stretch  their legs on stage one last time before they begin work on their upcoming sophomore album. The Supersonics also released a free EP online here ahead of the tour and audiences can expect to hear most of these songs on stage. The EP includes a remix of their older track “We Are,” from their first album Maby Baking that was out in 2009 and “Sunday Morning,” the last single they released before they split in 2010.

The Supersonics will also premiere their new songs on the tour. “We have an outline in mind of what songs we want to play, but the idea is to play a few old songs, a few new ones and just do some jams of some unfinished tracks that we have penned down. This will help us gauge audience feedback of what works and what doesn’t,” says Sen. Bassist Nitin Mani is looking forward to the jams. “We will play ‘Evil Fly’ for sure and another new track called ‘So Cold.’ Both these songs are very space-y and easy to change around on the stage. They are very jam friendly and that’s what we are going for,” says Mani.

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While the band wouldn’t mind a gig or three after the tour, the focus will definitely shift to their second album, maintains Mani . “We hope to release the album by early next year,” says Mani, “So no distractions.”

The Supersonics Roadkill Tour dates are:

August 8th, 2012: Blue Frog, Delhi. Entry: Rs 300

August 9th, 2012: Hard Rock Café, Pune. Entry: Rs 150

August 10th, 2012: Opus, Bengaluru. Entry: TBD

August 11th, 2012: Blue Frog, Mumbai (featuring Blek) Entry: Rs 300

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