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Preview: Whirling Kalapas Take To Stage With A Line-up Change

Indus Creed’s Uday Benegal and Mahesh Tinaikar’s acoustic side project is now a three-piece band that will feature collaborations

Sharin Bhatti Aug 14, 2012

When Indus Creed vocalist Uday Benegal launched his acoustic side project, Whirling Kalapas, in 2009, he told ROLLING STONE India that “Kalapas are what the Buddha called the sub-atomic particle that all animal beings are composed of.” The name finds resonance in the band’s sound as well. Whirling Kalapas are a sub-group of sorts, borrowing from Indus Creed and Alms For Shanti [another Indus Creed side project that was launched in 1999 when Benegal was in the US] reminding Indian indie fans how it all began, even as they find their own groove.

Whirling Kalapas began as a five-piece band featuring Benegal on vocals, Indus Creed guitarist Mahesh Tinaikar, Shankarshan Kini on mandolin, violin and percussion, Kenneth Rebello on bass and Jai Row Kavi on drums. Three months ago, the band transformed into a three-piece band. “Whirling Kalapas couldn’t be a band living in the shadows of Indus Creed. We needed to change,” says Benegal, adding, “It’s easier to coordinate with a three-piece band than a five-piece. Besides, Kalapas have a mellow sound that is easy to contain with just three people and it gives us room to experiment in our jams.”

The experiments Benegal refers to are collaborations that Whirling Kalapas will feature in their gig tonight at Blue Frog in Mumbai. Their one-hour plus set will feature composer Ranjit Barot, harpist Nush Lewis, Indus Creed keyboardist Zubin Balaporia, and a new vocalist from Dehradun, Sasha. “We will be playing a few covers, a few originals and some surprises,” says Benegal. Barot will join Benegal on vocals for a cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Digging In The Dirt,” from his 1992 album Us. “That’s an album very close to both Ranjit and I. We both consider it one of the finest records ever written. We discovered this over a conversation we had a while ago and decided to cover this song together,” says Benegal.

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Whirling Kalapas played their comeback gig at the annual Bob Dylan tribute night, organized by veteran bluesman Lou Majaw in Shillong in May and last played in Gurgaon in July.

Catch Whirling Kalapas tonight at the Blue Frog, Mumbai, 10 pm onwards. Entry Rs 300.


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