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Producer Jerry Singh Talks Contributing to Dua Lipa’s ‘Future Nostalgia,’ New Material

Working with veteran American producer Jeff Bhasker, Singh is the son of singer Jasbir Jassi

Anurag Tagat Jul 25, 2020

Music producer Jerry Singh. Photo: Sunil S. Rawat

By the start of the year, U.K. pop star Dua Lipa had one of the most infectious songs of the year with “Future Nostalgia,” which was also the title track of her latest album. Co-created by go-to producer Jeff Bhasker, the song’s credits shows additional programming by Jerry Singh.

Singh says he met Bhasker – a long-standing friend of his father, Punjabi/Hindi pop artist Jasbir Jassi – in 2017 at the MTV India Music Summit. “He [Bhasker] really liked the direction I was heading towards and we stayed in touch for about two years until summer of 2019 when I was visiting L.A. and asked to meet him,” the producer adds. Shuttling between India and the U.S., Singh was invited by Bhasker to “assist him in his daily routine” – from social meetings to studio sessions.

While Bhasker has previously mentioned that he considers Jassi a mentor from more than a decade ago, the producer seemed to paid it forward with Singh. “One of the many days when I was present at his studio, he was working on ‘Future Nostalgia.’ He handed me over some programming and asked me to work on it. I knew then this is the moment I had been waiting for, I gave my best shot and here we both are with my name under the song’s credits.”

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Singh is clearly well immersed into the shimmering Eighties pop sound, considering he teamed up with his brother and producer-singer Simba Sing aka Sakaar Singh for “80s Love,” which just released. Considering the lineage, the 23-year-old producer has for long been familiar with music. “I stepped inside a studio at a very young age. I have spent my entire childhood meeting and observing various artists from all over the world,” Singh says. Over the last couple of years, Singh has gone from being “merely an observer” to an artist. He adds, “I have always found it challenging to meet my father’s standards and I believe to become something it is important to have the right vision.”

In between contributing to “Future Nostalgia” and releasing “80s Love” with Simba (plus another sibling collab, “Got You”), the producer also assisted on three tracks with Japanese musician Aska Matsumiya for her work on HBO series Betty recently. Jassi and his son teamed up for “Ek Onkar,” a Punjabi song off 2019’s Akshay Kumar-starrer Kesari. “Every day is a day of learning for me and each artist I meet comprehends my learning experience,” Singh says.

There’s more music coming out with Simba, producing singles with other artists as well as more projects. He says, “In tough times like these, artists should take some time to reflect upon their thoughts and interests. The world is still connected, if not physically, then virtually.”

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Listen to “80s Love” by Simba Sing and Jerry Singh. 


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