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Producer Wroc, Vocalist Vanishree Sahu And Rapper Yogie Collaborate on Genre-Bending EP ‘Kya Wajah Hai?’

The bilingual record is filled with lo-fi beats, R&B, indulgent production and more

David Britto Dec 10, 2020

(From left) Producer Wroc, vocalist Vanishree Sahu and rapper Yogie. Photo: Courtesy of the artists

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When Mumbai rapper Yogesh Varma aka Yogie put forth an invitation to producer Shekhar Mhatre aka Wroc and Hyderabad-bred singer-songwriter Vanishree Sahu to collaborate with him, the artists never imagined that they would finish up recording a five-track EP together. Sahu says, “Our chemistry in terms of creation was so good and the best of things happen when they’re unplanned.”

The new record, titled Kya Wajah Hai? and out via Welupt Records, features an amalgamation of sonic elements and verses in both English and Hindi. From lo-fi beats to melancholy and even uptempo moments, the EP is quite the earworm. Wroc provides a canvas of soundscapes for both Yogie and Sahu to paint over, and the juxtaposition of rapping and singing flows seamlessly on songs like the chilled “Soona,” the breezy “Wajah” and the alluring “Layak.”

Sahu says, “We’ve basically put our individual personalities into the songs and it somehow doesn’t take away the essence of the overall songwriting. She adds, “We’re glad we could make that happen at one go.” The vocalist explains that the recurring theme across the EP is love. While the singer and rapper are both known for their strong tones and Wroc for his moody tunes, Kya Wajah Hai? is a departure from their usual work that has brought them outside their comfort zone. “The three of us have really stepped out of our respective styles to bring out this unique sound,” says Sahu.

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The entire project was recorded at each artist’s home studio before being mixed and mastered by Wroc and B3atsinfinity. Next, Sahu has two singles releasing at the top of 2021 and Yogie and Wroc are prepping to put out EPs of their own. “We want to explore our fullest potential and blend genres and keep pushing our boundaries with each other,” says the vocalist.

Stream ‘‘Kya Wajah Hai?’ on Spotify below and on other platforms

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