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Puddle of Mudd Band Members Walk Off Stage at UK Show

With frontman Wes Scantlin a drunken rambling mess, the band nearly split at their Doncaster show earlier this week, but regrouped for the remainder of Europe tour

Rolling Stone India Mar 28, 2016
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[front] Wes Scantlin with Puddle of Mudd.

[front] Wes Scantlin with Puddle of Mudd.

The latest disaster from the Puddle of Mudd camp involves members of the Los Angeles rock band abandoning their alcoholic frontman Wes Scantlin on stage midway through a concert at the Diamond Live Lounge in Doncaster, South Yorkshire in northern UK. Rockfeed reports that Scantlin’s band members ”“ guitarist Matt Fuller, bassist Michael John Adams and drummer Dave Moreno ”“ walked off stage during the band’s set at the Diamond Live Lounge in Doncaster, South Yorkshire in northern UK.

The accompanying video footage shows Scantlin telling the audience that his band “has quit on me”. Amidst complaints and curses thrown from the crowd, Scantlin admits it’s “not a surprise”. With his mic cut off, the vocalist sat on stage for a few minutes, before the gig was officially canceled.

But the band seemed to have reconciled with Scantlin, considering they finished the remainder of their shows in the UK, including sets at Edinburgh, Plymouth and closing off in London without any major incidents. The band is also slated to perform in Florida and California starting April 15th.

Scantlin is no stranger to controversy, whether it’s numerous arrests for riding an airport baggage carousel, drug possession or trashing his former Hollywood Hills house. Even the band’s recent India tour in September last year was largely met with negative reviews. In an earlier interview with Rolling Stone India, he had said, “At this point in my career, I just have to block it [controversy] out. Just move on, that’s it. If it goes well, it goes well. If it’s bad, I’m not going to sit here and dwell on it for the rest of my life. You can, but I ain’t doing that, though. Fuck that.” Their full-length album, Wiping the Slate Clean, was originally due in March, but there has been little word of update.

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