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Pune And Chandigarh To Get New Music Venues Soon

Blue Frog plans to open up in these cities this year

Rolling Stone India Jan 17, 2013
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Blue Frog Mumbai. Photo: Courtesy of Blue Frog

South Mumbai club Blue Frog opened up in Mumbai in 2007 and has hosted a range of international artists notably ace guitarist John McLaughlin and jazz bassist Richard Bona among others, besides giving the local music scene a much-needed boost. In 2011, Blue Frog opened up in Delhi and while Delhi audiences have taken a while to warm up to the venue in Mehrauli, the good folks at the club have been mapping out expansion plans. 

Pune has turned into the preferred destination for both festivals and concerts over the past three years, with a steadily growing fanbase of music enthusiasts. But there’s another reason why the city scored over other metros such as Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata when it was time to for Blue Frog to build its following in a new city. “It’s easier to control the venue since Pune’s closer to Mumbai,” says Blue Frog co-founder and filmmaker Mahesh Mathai in a telephonic interview. Choosing Chandigarh, which also boasts of an active nightlife, was also a decision based on its proximity to Delhi. “We’ve already begun work on these two venues and hope to open up by the middle of the year,” adds Mathai.

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