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Pune Metal Duo Kasck Bring the Heat on Debut Single ‘Deal With The Devil’

The scorching track is the first offering from the band’s upcoming debut EP

David Britto Nov 17, 2020

Pune metal duo Kasck. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Metal band Kasck had its roots in Bhopal initially, when vocalist-guitarist Mayank Katare started it in 2015. However, when he moved to Pune the group went through a number of lineup changes until he roped in bassist Saurabh Lodha to join him. Not able to lock down a full-time drummer, the pair decided to go on with Kasck as a two-piece. “Saurabh and I decided to record the songs and release them ourselves and then maybe look for the drummer after the release for the gigs,” says Katare. The duo is now out with their debut single, the blistering “Deal With The Devil.”

The new track includes heavy guitar riffage as well as a fiery solo, throbbing low-end parts from Lodha, power-packed double bass drumming and visceral vocals by Katare. The singer says, “The lyrics talk about one’s thoughts about what is real and basically questioning the self-existence.” He adds with a laugh, “I did not make any deal with the devil, it’s just a good title and suited the lyrics and of course it sounds cool too.”

Kasck recorded “Deal With The Devil” at Pune’s Gray Spark Audio and produced, mixed and mastered it themselves. While the recording sessions were fruitful in the end, the band did have some setbacks including their hard drive crashing and losing their data on two separate occasions. Katare says, “It is really frustrating and can easily convince you to give up. But somehow, we went on and did this anyway and couldn’t be any prouder of it.”

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The new song is also the band’s first glimpse into their forthcoming debut EP which is due to be out early next year. Kasck is also readying one more single for December before the record drops. “It is going to be even faster, heavier and thrashier,” says the vocalist.

Watch the lyric video for “Deal With The Devil”  below and stream the song on other platforms.

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