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Q&A: Afrojack

The Dutch producer and DJ will be headlining the upcoming Sunburn Festival in Noida and Colombo

Rolling Stone IN Oct 03, 2012

For Nick van de Wall, Dutch producer and DJ commonly known by his stage name Afrojack, bringing his brand of electronica to the Indian sub-continent is a huge step-up. “If you’d have told me I’d be spinning the decks in India two years ago, I’d have told you, you were high. But here I am,” he says in an email interview. That may be because two years ago, Afrojack was still an underground artist in the Netherlands. Last year he got his first big break when he collaborated with David Guetta on the instrumental house hit “Lunar”. Later, he delivered another chartbuster when he released “Give Me Everything” featuring Pitbull. Since then, Afrojack has been spinning music at major clubs across the world and was listed No 7 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs of 2011. Currently, he’s working on his debut studio album that he plans to release in early 2013.

How’s your maiden trip to India working out?
I’m very excited to go to India.  I love going to places I haven’t been before and discover all about the country. For example the people, the food, drinks and music! As I understand, the EDM scene is growing rapidly in India, so I’m excited to be a small part of it this October.

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Will you be open to the idea of collaborating with Indian EDM producers?
Of course. I love making new music and when you work with somebody from a different culture, your music tends to become more global in appeal. It’s always a riot to work with somebody new and if the right person comes along, why the hell not.

You were involved with the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s album Bad. How did that happen?
I was asked through Michael’s estate, the actual family of Michael Jackson, because they thought that I was the perfect guy to remix Michael Jackson’s “Bad.” I was like, ”˜Well that’s really nice, but it is Michael Jackson.’ You don’t just remix Michael Jackson. I told my manager, ”˜I don’t know, maybe, let’s think about this very clearly.’ We told them that we were busy and they told us it was really important and that they were sure Michael would have wanted it. They said, ”˜We’ll fly you off to LA and put you in the studio there.’ You can’t say no to Michael Jackson. I was excited to do it but it was really scary.

How’s work on the new album coming along? Does it feature any new collaborations?
It is going crazy. I have been recording the album all through summer and it is going to be the best sound you’ve heard from Afrojack’s stable. There are loads of collaborations that I can’t reveal right now. Keep your ears open though. The album will release in 2013.

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Afrojack will perform at Sunburn Noida on October 7th, 2012 at Unitech Golf and Country Club, Noida. For details visit sunburn.in


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