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Radiohead: The best of
(Four stars)

Neha Sharma Aug 09, 2008
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It’s an unstated resolve which most of the Radiohead fan community is swearing by ”“ this album is to be ignored in supposing loyalties to the band. The feud between Parlophone (EMI) and Radiohead is much like a divorced couple fighting over the custody of the kids. The cheek of the label in cashing in on a former band off its roster without its consent has been perceived by some as a culpable act, though Thom Yorke recently shrugged off the mess admitting that “the work was really public property anyway.”

Putting aside patronising sentiments, this album is undoubtedly a must have for any music lover. The list of ”˜best of’ tracks spans through the band’s career of nearly two decades, from Pablo Honey to Hail to the Thief. Available in three different editions ”“ a single disc featuring pompous commercial hits, a double disc wherein the bonus disc runs up B- sides and rarities for Radiohead purists, and the third slinks in a DVD featuring song videos ”“ Radiohead exploits have been intelligently exhausted by Parlophone and stitched out to suit different pockets. What is commendable on this list is that every album has been subject to requisite attention, especially Pablo Honey, synonymous mostly with ”˜Creep.’ Somehow songs such as ”˜Thinking about You’ and ”˜India Rubber’ have been left out, which in our judgment should’ve been on a ”˜best of’ of Radiohead. For the uninitiated, the first disc is a brilliant introduction to the iconic meld of Yorke’s tacit profundity on lyricism and the band’s inimitable sound. Mostly, this record showcases the band’s journey of sound from gut-wrenching grunge to the discovery of rock in sturdy electronic hooks (the latter is mostly featured on the bonus disc.) The album release sidled up with Radiohead’s latest release In Rainbows (of which no track is understandably featured on this one) and the timing only seems appropriate ”“ as with each Radiohead album release in the future Parlophone could not rightfully claim a ”˜best of.’ Not to assume the head’s capabilities in the future but in a way the band did sign off the best of its lifetime to a record label.

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