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Raiden and EXO’s Chanyeol Release Dreamy Collaborative Single ‘Yours’

The track also features Korean R&B artist LeeHi and rapper Changmo

Riddhi Chakraborty May 12, 2020

EXO Chanyeol in "Yours."

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South Korean producer Raiden and EXO member Chanyeol have released their much-anticipated collaborative track “Yours.” The single which dropped on May 12th also features R&B singer LeeHi and celebrated rapper Changmo.

Composed and produced by Raiden, “Yours” is a bright synth pop number with strains of old school Seventies funk fused in. Although primarily a rapper with EXO, Chanyeol shows off his vocal chops on the track, pairing beautifully with LeeHi’s breezy tone, while Changmo adds edge with his of rap.

“Yours” is a love song about opening up and giving your heart to someone even if it makes you vulnerable, taking that chance even if you’ve been hurt before. There is of course the fear of investing too much but also a sweetness in the honesty of lyrics that plead, “Love me don’t hurt me/just kiss me don’t burn me/and I’ll be yours/I’ll be yours.” The lyrics are mostly playful and sweet banter between Chanyeol and Hi, with Changmo’s rap serving as an inner monologue of sorts.

The video keeps it simple with Chanyeol moving through various rooms that portray each of the four seasons–winter, autumn, summer and spring. He moves from winter to spring, as though moving on from a relationship and ready to recover and continue with his life. Raiden makes an appearance as well with various clips of him playing the guitar and synthesizer.

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“I had this vision of creating a timeless record about three years ago,” says Raiden about the track in a press release. “At the time, I was mainly focusing on my DJ/Producer career in Dance/Electronic music scene but this song was exactly what I was dreaming of; being able to create good music with talented artists from different styles of music. In my opinion, good music does not need to be labelled as any specific style or genre. I am happy and so blessed for Chanyeol to create this with me along with LeeHi and” Changmo.” The producer added that a bigger motivation behind making this song was to spread some warmth in these difficult times. “During this crazy time of confusion and isolation, I wanted to present the feeling of love and care for each other and we really poured our hearts out with that message here.”

For Chanyeol, “Yours” was an opportunity to learn and grow. “It was cool to be involved in the production process and seeing how Raiden works,” he commented. “Producing is what I’m very much focused on now so it was a cool learning and sharing experience. We all met through “Yours” first but now we became close friends, we hang out at his studio or mine, casually share our new music, inspiration and I call Raiden m ‘hyung’ which translates to ‘big bro’.”

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As primary songwriter on “Yours,” Changmo explains it was interesting to work on a softer track that’s different from his experience as a hip-hop artist and more about going back to his roots. “My exposure for music is mainly in hip-hop but as many of you know, my basis was piano and music production even before my rap,” he says. “Raiden and Chanyeol knew that and we instantly connected after I expressed that I wanted to be a part of the song. It was a cool moment to connect with artists from such different styles of music but I have respect for all artists involved in this project. It was a cool process to write lyrics for the song that is not typically similar to my own music. Thankfully Chanyeol and LeeHi both loved my direction and the music video concept is even inspired from that.”

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