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Rainburn, Mocaine and Diarchy Get Rocking to Get ‘Rich’ With New Tour This Week

New material, expanded ensembles and more are part of the agenda for the artists from Bengaluru and New Delhi

Anurag Tagat Jul 27, 2022

(Clockwise from left) Rainburn, Mocaine and Diarchy will perform as part of The Make Us Rich Now tour. Photos: Anurag Tagat (Rainburn, Mocaine); Krishna Aditya (Diarchy)

A new tour kicks off this week, with a little bit of humor and a total lack of pretense, as New Delhi rock act Mocaine, Bengaluru/Hyderabad stoner rock duo Diarchy and Bengaluru prog band Rainburn launch The Make Us Rich Now Tour. Starting in Mumbai on July 27th, the three bands will head out to Pune (July 29th), Bengaluru (August 5th), Hyderabad (August 7th) and Chennai (August 12th).

Promoted by Bohemian Entertainment – who previously launched dream-pop act Dream Note’s India tour in May – The Make Us Rich Now Tour is allowing each artist to put a different foot forward. Rainburn, who are fresh off their own run of shows in the Northeast and East of India, will be road-testing new material, with at least half their set comprising unreleased songs. Vocalist-guitarist Vats Iyengar says of the billing, “From a broad perspective, this tour is about three bands with very strong identities and very diverse musical styles, so I’d call it an intriguing evening for a listener [or challenging, depending on your bent of mind].”

Rainburn is completed by guitarist and backing vocalist Saakallya Biswas and drummer Neilroy Miranda, with Iyengar proudly terming it as the best lineup of the band in its decade-long run. The founder adds that they’ll still include songs like “Merchant of Dreams” and tracks off their 2018 album Insignify. “There’s of course a lot of anticipation when it comes to playing some of the new music that we’re going to go right into pre-production and recording for once this tour’s done. So, these will be the last set of Rainburn club gigs for the foreseeable future, certainly this year and the first quarter of 2023, as we prepare to release our next LP,” Iyengar says.

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For Mocaine, the tour is a means of experimenting with different sonic presentations of the same material in five cities. “The idea is to create different experiences across cities, making each show unique in several ways,” frontman Amrit Mohan says. In Mumbai, Mocaine – usually a trio – will scale up with Mohan on guitars and vocals, vocalist Shannon Mathew, keyboardist Krishna Purohit (from indie act Lawntuba), drummer Varun Sood (from post-hardcore band Pacifist and rock act Blakc) and bassist Aman Shah, plus a “few other surprises.”

While Mocaine returns to Mumbai for the first time since 2019, they will perform in Bengaluru in fairly quick succession, following their previous gig in May. This time around, there’s a seven-piece act in mind, with more instrumentalists and vocalists on board. “We’re playing a lot of new material too,” Mohan adds. While the Chennai and Hyderabad gigs will see the standard trio set from Mocaine, their Pune show at the Soundtrack Cafe will call on their first ever vocalist Suhasini Mukherjee. Mohan says, “We’re doing a very special toned-down set [in Pune] in a manner that we haven’t tried before, and are excited to see it play out.” The material includes Mocaine’s 2021 album The Birth of Billy Munro and a few unreleased tracks from its sequel record and another album, due all the way in 2025.

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For Diarchy’s drummer Gaurav Tiwari and guitarist-vocalist Prakash Rawat, they term The Make Us Rich Now tour as their “first intense gig-tour per se.” Diarchy – who last released their incendiary album Splitfire in 2020 – will also make their Chennai debut as part of the tour. “Especially with Chennai being Prakash’s hometown, [we] expect some local support coming [our] way,” the band says in a statement.

The Make Us Rich Now Tour 2022 w/Rainburn, Diarchy, Mocaine

July 27th – antiSOCIAL, Mumbai

July 29th – The Soundtrack Café, Pune

August 5th – Fandom at Gilly’s Redefined, Bengaluru

August 7th – The Moonshine Project, Hyderabad

August 12th – Gears & Garage Restobar, Chennai

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