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Rajeev Rajagopal: Best Ever Bassists

The Thermal and a Quarter drummer picks his favorites

Rolling Stone India Apr 02, 2015
Rajeev Rajagopal of Thermal And A Quarter Photo: Parizad D

Rajeev Rajagopal of Thermal And A Quarter Photo: Parizad D

Pioneers of ”˜Bangalore Rock’ and one of the most outspoken bands in recent times, Thermal and a Quarter are known for their classic sound, which seamlessly blends jazz, funk and blues. The three-piece band recently released their album The Scene that talks about the Indian alternative music scene for what it used to be and what it has become over the past decade.

Since drummers and bassists share a unique bond, we decided to ask TAAQ drummer Rajeev Rajagopal about his favorite bassists from the India. Here are the people that he picked:

Sheldon D’Silva

A super pro. bass player, Sheldon’s impact on bass players across the country is massive.

Keith Peters

I had the honor of playing a gig with the incredible Kieth and Prasanna many years ago. I still derive so much from those few days of rehearsals and the gig. It was precious little time spent together. Thanks for everything, and keep walking Sir Keith.

Krishna Jhaveri

More power to this great bass player and his awesome band Skyharbor.


Karl Peters

I have only met Karl once at the Java Jazz festival in Jakarta, can safely say he’s an entire mountain range of musical experience and a really fun person to be around.

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Gyan Singh

A father to us all in TAAQ, the late Gyan Singh and his incredible bands Skinny Alley and Pink Noise made it so much more meaningful for us to do what we do. You gave us all so much.


Leslie Charles

I can never be black enough for this guy. If the Funk is in the Gunk then he’s the gunk machine himself. Leslie’s brought that outright happy nastiness into TAAQ. It’s a real privilege to be making music with this guy.

Abhishek Michael

Inner Sanctum gets all of its brutal intensity thanks to the solid and precise bass work of Abhishek Michael.

Prakash KN

Probably one of the few musicians who understands the scene both as a band member and as a sessions player. Prakash’s depth of musical knowledge and dedication to continuous learning is incredible. We had great times playing and composing when he was with us in TAAQ.

Mohini De

The music scene in India gets elevated to the next level thanks to young brilliant musicians like her.

Rzhude David

The bass plays Rzhude very well. It’s all zen out there”¦ including his first car. If there are many levels to being a good musician then Rzhude is sitting in the penthouse, chilling.

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