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Randolph Correia picks his favourites for this year’s Jack Daniel’s Rock Awards

“If you have the b***s do to something different and put out something you love, that’s rock and roll.”

Rohan Shah Jan 17, 2012
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Randolph Correia

Randolph Correia spoke of his honor at being recognized yet again at the Jack Daniel’s Annual  Rock Awards, as Pentagram leads the field with seven nominations.

”˜It feels great to be recognized, we’ve won awards before too and it’s special. It makes me feel welcomed back again.’

The guitarist and producer, who won awards last year as co-member of Shaa’ir + Func in the ”˜Producer of the Year’ and ”˜Album of the Year’ categories, also stressed that he tried not to take himself too seriously at awards shows.

”˜At the end of the day, it’s a chance for me to just hang with my friends. I like relaxing with a few drinks and taking the piss out of the host.

While I appreciate being recognized, I think it’s important to not take yourself too seriously and keep your ego in check.  The awards should be a place for artists to rest their egos and become one with each other.’

Sinema by Peter Cat Recording Co.

Pentagram are nominated in the best band category along with Indian Ocean, Menwhopause, Peter Cat Recording Co and Undying inc. Correia told us which bands he was impressed with this year.

”˜ I saw Peter Cat Recording Co. at the Blue Frog and think they are a very bold band for doing what they do. If you have the balls do to something different and put out something you love, that’s rock and roll.


”˜And of course, I really like Menwhopause too.’

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As for new material, Correa is currently writing music with Monica Dogra for Shaa’ir + Func, for a new album that will draw on their touring experiences from this year.

”˜It’s totally next level, we are sitting and trying to figure out how to break it down and make it enjoyable in a live performance.

It’s sounding really fantastic, taking 2011 and all of its touring and putting it back into the music. It’s mighty fun.’

To vote for your favorite band, log onto http://www.jdrockawards.com/age.aspx and cast you vote.

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