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Reader’s Entry: Cover As Art Project

Illustrator and Rolling Stone India reader, Sagar Arankalle, on the power of music

Rolling Stone India Apr 01, 2013
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Vibrations of Music

Sagar Arankalle 

Sagar Arankalle

Sagar Arankalle

An illustrator-designer from Pune, Arankalle has worked with agencies and studios such as O&M, Overdrive, Foxymoron, Sakaal Media Group in Mumbai and Pune for over six years now. In 2011, Arankalle started his own ad-agency, design and illustration studio called Double Deckker in Pune.  

The Idea

Music evokes all kinds of emotions in an audience. In this illustration, a guitarist is seen elevated to a God-like status and concertgoers are seen feeding off his energy.


This is the final Cover As Art submission in the series to celebrate ROLLING STONE India’s 5th anniversary. We are no longer taking submissions for the Cover As Art project.


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