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Reggae Rajahs Release New Video For ‘Ram Up Di Dance‘

The Delhi-based trio team up with Berlin-based group iLLBiLLY HiTEC for a new track, which is a nod to reggae artist Apache Indian’s Nineties hit “Chock There”

Rolling Stone India Jul 04, 2014
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Reggae Rajahs released their last official single in 2012 . The group comprising Raghav Dang aka Diggy Dang, Zorawar Shukla aka General Zooz and Mohammed Abood aka DJ MoCity, have just released a new track “Ram Up Di Dance,” which is a serious nostalgic trip. With a fun, animated video, which was originally meant to be a college project for Australian animator Michael Enderby, the Delhi reggae soundsystem manage to recall Apache Indian’s big hit “Chock There” and do what they do best ”“ start a mad, dance party.



Watch “Ram Up Di Dance”

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