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Reverrse Polarity

‘Empty Faces’
Two and a half stars

Anna Philip Apr 20, 2009
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Rising from the ashes of yet another defunct metal band, Reverrse Polarity has come a long way. Ever since their name change in October of last year, the band has not stopped working towards becoming the next big thing. Having made it to the finals of Channel [V] Launch Pad, it’s obvious that they are finally being accepted for their brand of rock. The soft opening hooks you and when song picks up, you find your head moving to the beat easily. The mid-tempo rhythm of the song, though, leaves something to be desired”“a faster tempo would have made the song way punchier. While the vocals are powerful, there is something missing. Through the growled and sung lines the passion for the lyrics are felt, but the oomph factor needs to be uncovered. While the guitars hold your attention from the get go the drums lack punch and seem to get lost in the music. The lyrics, if you can hear through vocalist Gaurav’s growling, mean more than the song lets on: “A million faces put into places/A rise and fall of nations/Fallen fury of races”. Produced by Demonstealer Records, ”˜Empty Faces’ is still definitely worth a listen. With a little more refinement, the band could well be on its way to becoming the new face of metal in India.

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