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Review: Noel Gallagher, Cantankerous Oasis Refugee, Still Has Tunes to Burn

Our take on the third album from his band, the High Flying Birds, ‘Who Built the Moon?’

Jon Dolan Nov 28, 2017

Noel Gallagher. Photo: Ruth Medjber

Just after Liam Gallagher released his great As You Were, here comes his brother Noel with a fine one of his own ”“ it’s almost like they’re in a rivalry. His latest with the High Flying Birds is a dazzling mess spackled together from the influences he’s been tapping since Oasis’ golden age ”“ post-Stone Roses rave rock (“Fort Knox”), glam stomp (“Holy Mountain”), Smiths-Beatles shimmer (“Black & White Sunshine”). It wouldn’t be Noel without a little grumpy snark (the bitter space-soul of “Careful What You Wish For”). But mixed with the musical highs, that’s part of his charm.

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