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Review: Sid Sriram Mixes Genres on Debut LP

Our take on the Indo-American singer-songwriter’s 12-track ‘Entropy’

David Britto Feb 07, 2019

Indo-American singer-songwriter Sid Sriram. Photo: Chelsey Croucher

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‘Entropy’ album artwork.

Sid Sriram



Indo-American singer-songwriter Sid Sriram’s debut 12-track album Entropy is a diverse record that clocks in at just under 45 minutes. Although the LP creates a sense of wanting more, it also leaves you wondering if all the sonic elements on the album actually blend well together.

Sriram weaves a bunch of slick vocal melodies over Carnatic music and electronica influenced tracks (“Eyes Open,” “Paper Plates,” “Daunting”) while also showcasing his R&B and soul side on “It Isn’t True,” the title track and “2am Prayer.” There’s also a bit of indie rock with “Palm Trees, Fleeting” and straight up pop on the record closer “Limitless,” although the staggered spoken word across the album at times disrupts the flow of the songs.

While the production and songwriting on Entropy definitely holds its own, the record can be a hit and miss for some due to the constant change of genres that differ from song to song. What Sriram does deliver though is poignant lyrics, solid singing and a sense of wondering what he has in store next.

Click here to listen to ”˜Entropy.’

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