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Review: Siddhant Kalmegh’s Affectionate Debut EP

Our take on the Pune singer-songwriter’s five-track ‘Memories Found’

David Britto Jul 16, 2019

Pune singer-songwriter Siddhant Kalmegh. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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‘Memories Found’ artwork.

Siddhant Kalmegh

Memories Found

★ ★ ★ 1/2

Pune singer-songwriter Siddhant Kalmegh’s debut five-track EP Memories Found is a folksy and soulful record that clocks in at 20 minutes. Sang entirely in Hindi, the tracks sit comfortably on a bed of lush acoustic guitar parts; occasionally breaking into soaring distorted solos, bouncy grooves and more.

Memories Found features Kalmegh’s voice as a lover leaning on pop-rock. The opening track “Dill Kyu Yeh Darr Raha Hai” grabs your attention quickly with carefully paced vocal delivery whereas “Subha Subha” is a delightful ditty. The EP slows down in pace with the 6/8 burner “Gumsum” which also includes a Mayer-esque outro guitar solo.

On the penultimate and heaviest song on the record, “Kaha Ho Tum,” we hear Kalmegh as a rock artist, amped-up guitars and anthemic chorus melodies that make for a fun sing-a-long. The record closer “Intezaar Karti Hogi” is a reggae driven track that makes for a happy listen at the end of a fun and well packaged pop EP.

What Kalmegh has been able to deliver on his debut release is some stellar production, good songwriting, high-quality musicianship and songs that sit well between themselves. One can only hope that this singer-songwriter pops up with more tunes soon.

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Stream ‘Memories Found’ on Spotify below. Click here to listen to the EP on other platforms. 

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